Why is it so important to detect broken links?

Broken links are the eternal forgotten by some webmaster, something like a toy that we lost when we were kids, and never recovered, but it is very important that we learn not only to detect broken links but other applications can use and will allow us to improve SEO of our website.

We detect the broken links and finish them at all costs to not penalize us Mr. Google.

All the tools for detecting at least the most important broken links are completely free, so it is very convenient for any webmaster, scan your website from time to time, looking for the blessed broken links.

Why broken links appearing on my website?

Broken links can come mainly from the following four ways:

Insert link wrong direction. A very common error is to place a link to local path, rather than global, causing an internal link with a 404.
They have deleted the content we link.
They have changed the content URL
The URL does not respond due to a temporary problem or because the domain has simply ceased to exist.

Using the broken links for better SEO
A well-known strategy that works well is to detect broken links to websites that interest us, and send the report broken links to the webmaster help mode and suggest, if subtly, that if you can include a link to us web.

We will have more or less success, in the way we draft the mail suggesting the placement of our bond, because if we get to connect well with other webmaster we can not only connect with industry professionals, which is always a good thing, but also getting good links that add relevance to our website.