Фонбет – ставки на спорт (iPhone, iPad) RU - Non incent

No illegal promotion. Non Incent traffic. No fraud. Non adult traffic. Use only direct and good quality traffic. The payment might be deducted if the quality is not satisfied by the advertiser. For non incent offers we need a below 3% CR. We can reject the leads if the CR is higher than 3%. All the offers are non-incent and any suspicious traffic(incent/fraud) will be 100% deducted. All conversions will be checked for its Click to Install Time and traffic that converts within 10 seconds can be deducted due to Click Injection Fraud.For direct sources onlyKPI : 30% RR 2ND DAY * Please notice the offers with the Hard KPI condition for those offers traffic will be paid for the conversions that reached the KPI only.
Not Allowed Adult traffic
Not Allowed Incentivized traffic
Not Allowed Re-brokering affiliate
Not Allowed Bot traffic
Not Allowed Fraud traffic