Erogen soft Sweden

Erogen X is an innovative gel only containing natural ingredients, intended for men who want to increase the size of their penis and strengthen their erection. The active ingredients of the preparation help improve blood flow, which makes it easier to achieve an erection and increase the volume of the cavernous bodies in the penis, which in turn has a positive effect on its length and massiveness. The unique formula of the gel allows a pleasant application without ingesting, and additionally acts as a lubricant, which is also appreciated by women. Application studies have confirmed that the product moisturizes intimate places, prevents chafing and enhances the sensations during intercourse.
- No incent traffic
- No pop-up traffic
- No email and web push traffic without accept from a Publisher Manager
- No branding on Google
- No direct traffic (partners should use their own promo-pages)
- Any fraud and spam actions are forbidden
- Only traffic from the country listed in labels is accepted

The definition of Action
An Action is a correctly placed order which contains all the correct information required in the order form: full name, address + e-mail address and telephone number, product batch. The customer confirms their interest in the product and the forwarding of information with a market-specific and product-specific order form.
An Action is incorrect, on the other hand, when the order contains incorrect contact information and personal details, or when the customer does not confirm the forwarding of personal details and their interest in the offer. Additionally, orders from unsupported markets, multileads, actions from incentivised traffic, and mailing and other advertising channels and forms not accepted by AdRain are all also considered incorrect Actions.
The final status of the leads will be closed by the 10th of each month. However, in justified cases, where the quality of an Action is put into question, AdRain may extend this period by an additional 30 days.