ExtremeDates Web IE SOI 18+

Affaire created for one specific purpose, to get some swing back into the old, boring and sometimes worn out day to day life alongside the old wife.

Swinging has never been so easy. Be part of the dance and get a chance at running this offer.

- The Domain is also advertised on German Television.

- With every new product we are working on improving the user experience, making this one of the most innovative products yet.

- Quality traffic is rewarded with payout bumps

- Fresh data-base

lead:Pixel fires after the user Single Opt In. 1st page submit form. Pays on M/F 18+.

please pass your resource via aff_sub2.
Promotion Allowed:display, social, POP, SEM (see Terms and Condotions), SEO, contextual
Restrictions:Pop traffic and redirect is only allowed wih the use of prelanders. no mobile and tablet/Ipad traffic on WEB offers, no Email traffic allowed at all, no spam, no incent, no spyware. No blackberry traffic
Incentivizable:Offer IS NOT Incentivizable

Strictly no spyware allowed. No spamming allowed. Adware, Incentivized Traffic, Virtual Currency Traffic are only allowed if expressly agreed between the parties on the Insertion Order or otherwise in writing. Advertising must not be placed in any illegal contexts including without limitation contexts of illegal file sharing or other copyright infringing pages, pages promoting or otherwise displaying child pornography, racism, violence, hate speech or any other indecent, libelous or defamatory contents. Only persons over the age of 18 years old may be targeted.

The Network agrees to make use of contracts for creatives that are not provided by the Advertiser and data processing which ensure the compliance of, and which are in accordance with any, applicable laws of either party. It is prohibited to create and use any promotion material on your own unless the materials have been approved by advertiser. Material including indication of that the service is completely for free will not be approved. Furthermore, in case the Network prefers to use its own creatives, the Network and its affiliates must have the copyright or a license for the pictures used. The traffic generated by using creatives that do not comply with this point cannot be paid. It is forbidden to send traffic to any other URLs than those provided to the network or publisher by the assigned account manager at Leadpartner Solutions. Mobile traffic is not allowed unless stated in the campaign information section in the IO.

E-mail marketing

If the Network uses email marketing as a means of promotion, the following conditions must be met: - Direct linking is totally prohibited. The Network can either use their own middle landing pages or middle landing pages provided by the Advertiser. - The Network should include four email addresses in the mailing lists that will be used to send out the newsletters. These 4 email addresses will be provided separately by the Advertiser. - If a publisher doesn´t use the template provided by the Advertiser, this template must be sent to the Advertiser and is subject to the Advertisers approval. - An imprint should be added to the footer of every email. The imprint may include either the publisher or the network contact details, but any information regarding Digital Performance should be omitted.

Search engine advertising

The Affiliate can bid in search but cannot link directly to Amateur Community and Treff6 in Google Adwords, Google Search, Google Search Network, Google Display Network, Yahoo! Search Marketing or Bing Ads/MSN. Instead they have to link to their own domain which then links to Amateur Community and Treff6. The Affiliate cannot mention Amateur Community and Treff6 brands, any misspellings or make reference to the Amateur Community and Treff6 brands in their ad texts. The Affiliate cannot bid on Amateur Community and Treff6 or one of its brand keywords or any misspellings of them. If possible, all Brand terms should be requested to be added as negatives.

Non-Valid Leads

The Advertiser defines an SOI lead as the event that occurs when a real person fills out and submits the registration form on the landing page/s provided to the Network. The pixel is fired after clicking on the submit button. The Advertiser defines a DOI lead as the event that occurs when a real person clicks on the confirmation link that he or she received via email after he or she submitted the registration form on the landing page/s provided to the Network. The pixel is fired after clicking on the confirmation link received via email.