Funclix Video Player Web & WAP IE I MO Flow Mobile Subscription Incent Permitted

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Title: Video Player

C2A: Download Now

Pixel fires on MO Flow (Click2SMS on Mobile).

Traffic: All. Incent Permitted

Carriers: Vodafone (38.5%), METEOR & O2 (20.6%), Three (31.7%)

OS: Android (55.77%), iOS (41.2%), Windows (2.45%)

Geo: Ireland.

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Conditions: Restrictions: Misleading content, SMS/Whatsapp Spam.NO i-Framing, use of "click" or "likejacking". NO use of "content-unlocking" traffic with pirated/illegal content. Promoting offers through typo traffic/misspelled URLs is NOT allowed. Examples would be “Dacebook” instead of “Facebook”, “Twtter” instead of “Twitter” and “Wikapedia” instead of “Wikipedia". It is also FORBIDDEN to promote in a way that makes the user think that they have already won something, examples would be: "claim now", "you've been chosen", "today's winner", or "you've won". It is NOT allowed to promote using inaccurate prize dates, or prize quantity, which would mislead the user into thinking that the quantity of prizes available to be won is greater than the actual amount. For the promotion of competitions services it is PROHIBITED to use non-genuine testimonials or false previous winners.It is FORBIDDEN to use text or symbols which create a false sense of urgency, like count down clocks or statements of limited availability. It is NOT allowed to use brand names that are not owned by the advertiser. The use of false promises is PROHIBITED, for example for the service Whatsapp Wallpapers there are wallpapers offered and it cannot be promoted other products or services: "Your whatsapp will expire", "Download Whatsapp", “Download Whatsapp update”, “Your Whatsapp is obsolete”, “Whatsapp messenger”. “Renew your license”, etc. It is NOT allowed to use creative that are likely to cause fear or anxiety with the users, such as, “You’re device is infected”, “virus detected”, “Warning”.

Upon Approval: All banners that are not pre-supplied must be approved. The advertiser MUST approve all Hosted pages before use.