Gamehag - Colect 1000 soul gems

In an era of virtual currencies all around, Gamehag has stepped up and concocted an exciting gaming idea! It’s a platform where you basically play all the popular games you already play in your daily life. There’s just an added perk of earning Soul Gems for completing different gaming quests and exciting tasks. These Soul Gems might not be real money, but they’re certainly no joke. Players can exchange these for some exciting prizes like gift cards and activation codes for some of the most popular games on the market! What gamer wouldn’t want in on this? Take the opportunity to promote the platform by becoming a Gamehag Affiliate. You won’t regret it!

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User has to register, confirm e-mail and collect 1000 Soul Gems (virtual currency)


Tier 1 - IE, NO, FI, DE, AU, US, DK, SE, FR, NZ, CH, AT

Tier 2 - NL, BE, IT, CA, LU, GB, JP, QA

Tier 3 - CZ, HU, BG, ES, IL, PT, PL, HK, RO, LV, RU

Tier 4 - KR, SK, KZ, BY, HR, SG, GR, SA, TR, UA

Worldwide - other


Tier 1: $3.20 -> 12,00 PLN

Tier 2: $2.40 -> 9,00 PLN

Tier 3: $1.60 -> 6,00 PLN

Tier 4: $0.80 -> 3,00 PLN

Worldwide: $0.40 -> 1.50 PLN


Due to Federal Law No. 347-FZ of September 1, 2022 in Russia, regarding the law marking advertisements, please refer to the above in order to promote the offer.

Validation in the beggining of each month
Validation in the beggining of each month
Mobile devices, Android, Windows, iOS, Desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux, Tablet, iOS