iPhone XR - Desktop and Mobile - DE,AT,CH - (CPL) SOI

iPhone XR

Converts on CPL SOI

DE,AT,CH traffic only

Incent allowed

Device: All Desktop and Mobile Device

Daily Conversion Cap: 50/day

1. No advertising in websites with following content: Politics, hate-oriented, glorification of violence, criminally relevant content that insults, generally unlawful or against rights of third parties in violation of this content 2. No use of trademarks of third parties (logo, brands) 3. No wording allowed that promises to win (e. g. You won …./Du hast gewonnen!, You are the selected winner/Sie sind der Ausgewählte Gewinner, Congratulations – your voucher/Herzlichen Glückwunsch Ihr Gutschein) 4. No misleading or false statements; such as counters or limited participation (e.g. “only 5 minutes to go”) 5. Prelander are allowed as long as the requirements above are all considered 6. WhatsApp-Traffic and SMS-Traffic are not allowed"
There is no data about this, please check description.