Lazada - Birthday Party 27 Mar (iPhone 8.0+) MY - Non incent

For direct sources onlyHARD KPI: The app developer will give us a DAILY feedback with an user score based on purchases, post-install activity, add-to-cart, registration, etc.We will pay for ALL THE INSTALLS, besides the sources that the score is 0.That means that all the installs of the source had not activity after installBlacklist sources: Doozymob - Trafficentury - Mobisummer - Adcrax - MiriMediaKPI:Publishers with placements containing more than 10% conversions of CTIT 3%, all conversions will be considered as incent/fraud traffic and rejected without report.We may not provide screenshot when scrubbing conversions.
Not Allowed Adult traffic
Not Allowed Incentivized traffic
Not Allowed Re-brokering affiliate
Not Allowed Bot traffic
Not Allowed Fraud traffic