Lazada - Online Shopping & Deals (GAID required) (Android) SG - Non incent

KPI: Installs to sale must be 6%RR: 30% day 2 RR For direct sources only | No rebrokering(GAID required)Here are the fraud rules applied on the campaign. 1) Wrong Install Country - Installs coming through other countries will be flagged.2) Click Injection - Installs that come within 20 seconds of the click would be rejected.3) Click Spamming -  Site IDs with less than 14% installs occurring between 20sec and 2 hours of the clicks are flagged and all installs coming from that Site ID would be rejected & any sub-publisher/source that has more than 30% of installs coming in after 24 hours, those installs (+24h) will not be billable.  4)No Incent traffic is allowed 
Not Allowed Adult traffic
Not Allowed Incentivized traffic
Not Allowed Re-brokering affiliate
Not Allowed Bot traffic
Not Allowed Invalid or duplicate leads
Not Allowed Fraud traffic