Streaming Direct - CPA - [NL] - DESKTOP

Streaming Direct offers you legal access to your favourite movies and shows in HD quality- providing you with a truly unique entertainment experience on all your devices.

Lead Flow: Credit Card submit and the user subscribes to a FREE 7days trial.

Platform: Client
Traffic restrictions:
+ Absolutely no Incentivization, including offerwalls
+ No Fake registrations
Allow Traffic:
+ Can Search engines traffic (Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter etc.)
+ Can Social traffic (facebook, etc)
+ Can Email Marketing
+ Can Pop Unders
+ Can Brand bidding
+ Can Co-Reg
+ Can Text Links/Editorial content
+ Can Display advertising
+ Own Creatives need Approval
+ Maximum 100 leads/day for new traffic sources to start, opened up upon good quality feedback.
Creatives: Download Banners
Fraudulent conversions will not be tolerated at Affiliate Trading Network. If you fraudulently create leads, using bots or other automated means to inflate conversions, registrations, you risk forfeiting your entire commission for all programs and your account with us will be terminated.