TEPPEN (iPhone 10.0+, iPad 10.0+) FR - Non incent

Hard KPI: - Retention: D1 40%, D3 35%, D7 15% - D14 ROAS: 10% - Appname must be passed for optimizations purposes, leads without it will be non-payable. ★ Fraud Traffic: 1) High Retention rate besides low or no In-app activities (ex. Tutorial complete, Login) 2) Abnormal SDK traffic 3) Abnormal In-App Pattern (ex. 100% drop rate with certain level, high drop rate besides high RR) 4) Carrier - Device mismatching 5) UID(User ID) Mismatching 6) VPN, Proxy and Malicious IP 7) Suspicious Conversion Time Stamps 8) Both and/or Automated Conversions 9) Click Injections
Not Allowed Adult traffic
Not Allowed Incentivized traffic
Not Allowed Bot traffic
Not Allowed Fraud traffic