TestM - Social Edition (Android 4.4+) US CA GB - Non incent

For direct sources onlyRestrictions:
No Incentivized Traffic
No Re-brokering
No Adult Traffic
No Adword / Google traffic
No Facebook Traffic
No Custom Creatives
Android 4.4 and up
Advertiser is monitoring the following events:
- Retention rate
- Quicktest completion rate
- Full test completion rate
Min. 3 categorical tests
Avg session time 3 minutes per install
If 0% in-app activity payment can be deducted
-Installs coming through countries other than those that the Offer is currently running in will be flagged
-Installs that comes within 10 seconds and less from the click might be rejected
-Installs coming through App Versions that are 3 versions older that the latest available on the 1st of each month will be flagged. If the total flagged installs is more than 5% of overall installs (on site ID level), these installs with old app versions can be rejected
-Installs coming in later than 6 hours from the click. If SiteIDs get flagged with more than 50% not achieving this timeframe, all installs might be subject to rejection
-After optimization, we are looking to achieve a min CR of 0.2%
Not Allowed Adult traffic
Not Allowed Incentivized traffic
Not Allowed Own creatives
Not Allowed Facebook traffic
Not Allowed Bot traffic
Not Allowed Adwords traffic
Not Allowed Google traffic
Not Allowed Fraud traffic